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 Change the way your bar feels. 

Vodka or Gin, Bourbon or Rum?

Tequila? I feel ya.

Mojitos are yum.

Sex on the beach,

A fine wine off the shelf

But the most important ingredient is the experience itself.


That's why we provide exceptional live music, perfectly curated for your bar.


 How does it work? 

We work with diverse and extraordinary musicians all around Sydney to curate the perfect atmosphere for your bar.

Whether you'd like to pick up the vibes, set a mood or attract new customers...

We truly raise the bar.

Add music to your menu any day of the week. 

Invigorate your guests' experience and stimulate Sydney's culture. 


We'll take care of everything, from the sound system to promoting your venue as a

Real Good destination.


We always work within your budget to make the most of this experience. We also offer outstanding film and photography so that your bar looks just as good on instagram as it feels in real life.

Simply fill out the booking form and we'll be in touch soon.

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